• GameMaker 1.4 (7 Games)
  • Construct 2 Capx(54 Games)
  • Touch or mouse
  • Email support
  • Source code included
  • Easy to personalize the game’s sounds
  • Easy to personalize the game’s appearance
  • Can be used in mobile devices & websites
  • Works on all HTML5 browsers

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You don’t need to use game engine to reskin the game. Just replace default images with what you want using an image editor software. If you need help in reskining the game, feel free to contact us via Email.


This bundle includes 61 HTML5 games with different subjects and themes that are suitable for a wide variety of players. Here are short descriptions of all included products (7 GameMaker 1.4 and 54 Construct 2 Capx): 

A simple yet challenging ping pong game with a different gameplay!

Jump on floating platforms and try not to fall in the water!

Flap through obstacles without hitting them and go as far as you can!

Eat as much food as you can and don’t waste any of them!

Jump on platforms and climb the mountain!

A simple yet challenging memory game that put your memory to test!

Jump on the platforms and go as high as you can!

This Halloween, avoid obstacles and keep going forward!

Shoot the Halloween pumpkin heads before they get you and survive for as long as you can!

Keep the ball inside the circle for as long as possible.

Keep dodging the falling bricks for as long as possible.

Avoid obstacles and keep going forward!

Rotate the circle and keep the ball bouncing.

Rotate the circle to match the ball’s color and keep the ball bouncing!

Be quick and match the clock’s hand with the circle color!

Change the balls color and keep moving inside the square for as long as possible!

Move the obstacles and orbit as long as you can!

Gather the balls with the same color and earn as much score as you can!

Escape the jet fighter and survive as long as you can!

Cleanse the rain drops and save the sea from pollution!

Punch the boxes as hard as you can!

Use your imagination and Build Your Own Robot!

A simple but very challenging game! You see a screen with 16 colored squares (4 colors of red, blue, green and yellow) and by tapping once on the screen, the game will start. As soon as the game starts, the background color will blink very quickly with one of those 4 colors and you have to choose a square with the same color to remove it. If you choose a square with a different color, you will lose. This will continue until every square is removed and you will win when you have successfully removed all squares. You have to do your best to do this as fast as possible so that your final record time is lower!

You control two shapes and can change them by touching sides of the screen or using arrow and mouse keys. You should change them so that they are the same as the incoming shapes that enter from top of the screen. You will earn score by matching correctly and going further. But you will lose if you can’t match the correct shapes.

You control an alien spaceship and have to take off from an alien planet! But there are many obstacles on your way and you have to avoid hitting or otherwise you will fall to the ground. Note that your spaceship has a weird jump like mechanism for moving and you have to tap it on jump on the right moments to avoid obstacles.

Like other tourists, you go around the earth and visit new places. But you are different from others! You are very fast and can travel around the world in about 2 seconds! The only thing that can stop you is Eifel Tower, because it’s very long and it’s hard to jump over it! Try to travel around the world as many times as you can and score higher!

Stuck in a box, you have to do your best to avoid objects that enter the screen. Just be careful, because you move in a very weird way! Do your best and score as high as you can.

In this game you can choose from 3 different boys and then use different available faces, hairs, clothes and etc. for making them look like what you want. Take a picture of the boy on your computer or mobile device.

You are stuck in an electric cage with your space ship and have to dodge incoming electric balls and avoid hitting cage walls in order to survive! Each electric ball that you doge is considered as one score and you can submit your score and compete with others! Just note that your ship moves in a weird way and it gets some time to get used to it!

Change your color and gather the falling balls with the same color! These balls just keep coming at you and you just have to match the center ball’s color with the falling ones to catch them. Gathering a ball with different color means game over! So gather as many as you can before it gets too hard!

Orbit around the circle and dodge the spikes! These spikes appear both inside or outside of the circle and you have to change where you orbit to dodge them. Every complete rotation around the circle is considered as one score. And don’t forget to gather gems as you play to unlock new characters in shop!

You control a plane in World War 2 setting and have to destroy as many enemies as you can. Your plane can take a few shots, but it will eventually get destroyed, so be careful. Destroy planes and be the best pilot of your time!

Another jet fighter game! You control an airplane which shoots automatically. Enemy fighters keep coming at you and you have to destroy them. Just be careful to dodge their bullets! You have three lives, don’t lose them all or it’s game over.

You are a fisherman who is catching some fish. You just have to catch the fish by touching them or clicking on them. Just note that your time is limited and you have to catch as many fish as you can during 30 seconds.

You control a cannon placed on top of the screen. There are also many blue and red balls on the screen and you have to shoot and destroy all red balls to win each level. You can also destroy the blue ones to earn more score.

In this game you control an animal that is falling from the sky with a parachute! No one knows why they are up there, how they get there or even who gave them the parachute! But one thing is for sure and that is they need your help to get down!

You are an alien stuck in a room with other aliens who are trying to kill you! Some of them crawl on the ground toward you and others jump and you must avoid touching them or you will die! But note that survival is not your only goal.

This is a swing game in which you control a chopper. Your chopper flies to right by default, but you can take it to the left by holding left click or touching the screen. Your goal is to fly as much high as you can and avoid hitting obstacles.

Bees are very hardworking insects and produce lots of honey, but their aiming skill is not very well and so they can also waste lots of honey! So, you have to help these bees to drop the honey that they have gathered with much efforts in to the pot! Just wait for the right moment and then drop the honey!

You are a small fish who is at the very bottom of food chain in oceans! This means that every single fish that is bigger than you, can and will eat you! And as you may know, there are lots of different fishes in ocean! So, you have to do your best and avoid them and survive as long as you can! If even a single fish touches you, you are dead! And the number of seconds that you are able to survive is considered as your final score in the game.

You control two jet fighters in this game, simultaneously! Your jets will shoot automatically and you just have to move them to dodge obstacles and destroy enemies! If either one of your jets is destroyed, you will lose.

You are the last line of defense against enemy’s air invasion to your city! You have to defend the city against bombs that fell from the sky and the best toll that you have for this is your tank! It can fire shells at a very high speed and you have to destroy bombs with before they reach the ground. You have 5 lives in total and whenever a bomb touches the ground, you lose one. Earn as much score as you can before you run out of lives!

In this game, you control a plane which shoots and moves forward automatically. You have to move it across the screen and try to destroy enemies and dodge obstacles. Destroy enemies like jet fighters, helicopters and ships to earn points.

You are an alien stuck in a room with a bomb throwing device which throws a bouncing bomb every few seconds! These bombs will explode if you touch them or after a few seconds. Your goal is to survive in this room as long as you can!

Save the Miner Clay is a physics puzzle game. In this game, you must help the miner character of the game to reach the ground by picking boxes that are beneath his feet.
This game has 20 levels and all graphical elements of the game can be easily changed.
This game is completely responsive and its resolution will automatically change according to the screen size of mobile platform or desktop.

You play as an AA gun (!) and have to protect your island base from invading airplanes. You should shoot down airplanes by tapping or touching them. Fortunately, these airplanes are old and don’t have any guns or bombs, so they have to crush themselves to your island to hit you! And it gives you more time to shoot them down! Note that big airplanes have more health and you have to shot them more than once!

Turn the center squares so it matches the other.

There are two squares attached to each other at the center of the screen. They are in two different colors, blue and red and you can turn them by touching sides of the screen or clicking on arrows. Also, there are squares entering from different sides of the screen with the same blue or red colors. You have to turn the center squares so that squares with the same colors match each other when they reach the center. If you fail to do so, you will lose.

In this game, you control a ball and have to do your best to avoid touching spikes and getting exploded! Top and bottom side of the screen are completely covered with spikes, but spikes appear randomly on side walls. You have to tap and jump and guide the ball so that you hit the side walls without touching these spikes. Each time that you touch a wall, you earn one score and you have to keep doing this and earn more scores. But note that the game will become harder as you progress and in addition to increase in number of spikes, they also move in higher levels. And every few seconds, a heart will appear on the screen and you can catch it. These hearts are used in the store for unlocking new skins. There are 5 different theme colors and 5 different balls that you can purchase.

This is an educational matching game. Its goal is to teach the flag of different countries and their names to kids and can be very helpful for them. When you choose a flag, the name of its country will be said and then you have to choose the right name from the names visible at bottom of the screen. If you choose the right name, then its flag will disappear. You have to this for all flags. In each page, there are 5 flags and 5 names that you have to match and after clearing each page, you will go next one. The number of levels is unlimited and 5 random countries are choses for each level. This game includes the names and flags of all current members of United Nations (191 countries).

Another Flappy game! In this game you control a flappy bat and like always (!), you have to tap the screen and avoid obstacles (pillar) as you move forward.

This is a memory game in which you have to match the cards with the same pictures. The used pictures are funny and cartoon images of some wild animals which make the game more interesting for children and can be very educational for them. This game has three difficulties (Easy, Medium and Hard).

Another Flappy game! In this game you control a flappy bee and like always (!), you have to tap the screen and avoid obstacles as you move forward. This game is made with Construct 2 engine.

A simple Ludo game that can be played on computers or mobile devices! This game supports up to 7 players that can play on a same device. There are also up to 50 characters that players can choose from. By playing games, you will also earn starts that can be used to unlock new characters. And when playing the game, be warry of other players, because if they reach the same tile as you, they will hit you and you have to start from the beginning.

In this Hold up game, you have to kick the ball and hold it in the air as much as possible. Your final score is based on the number of times that you have kicked the ball before you lose. Just focus on keeping the ball in the air, because as soon as it touched the ground, you will lose!

This is a memory game in which you have to match the cards with the same pictures. The used pictures are cartoon images of some fruits which can make the game more interesting for children. This game has nine difficulties which you can choose from in the start screen and its main purpose is to teach fruits and their shapes to children.

Angry Soccer – World Cup 2014 is a physics-based game and we tried to add a major advantage to it in comparison with similar games. In this game you can choose! It means that you can choose your desired balls according to their unique abilities and your needs and complete each level in your own way and by using your creativity.

An excellent game for kids! In this game, kids can choose from 36 animals and see their cute images and hear their sounds. The chosen pictures are cartoon images and many of them have some animations too so it is very interesting for children. This game is very simple and so even small kids can use it very easily. Using this game, your kid can become more familiar with animals and their sounds and have some fun time!

Geography Learning Puzzle (World Map & Continents) is a simple and editable educational game.

“Volleymal” is some kind of sport which was invented by some animals in Africa’s Sahara! According to experts, this amazing sport will soon become very popular in the world. Newly established international Volleymal federation has announced that with recent negotiations done with executive mangers of “Animals’ Olympic”, they hope that in the next few years, this interesting sport will be officially added to Olympic Games!

You are a Pumpkin Ninja and your duty is to collect coins and destroy enemies! And because you are just an apprentice ninja, you are not allowed to use weapons and have to either jump on enemies’ heads or tackle them! By holding down the jump button (up arrow on keyboard or the up arrow on right side of the screen), you can jump higher and you can also tackle by down arrow or the down arrow on left side of the screen. You have to finish each level in 30 seconds and the remaining seconds is considered as your score. Also you have 3 lives by default and you can earn more lives by collecting coins. Every 30 coins will earn you one extra live that can be very useful in later levels! This game has 10 levels in total and will become much harder as you progress.
?Using the game’s project file (which we can send you after you have purchased it), you can easily edit the games’ level designs and even add new ones if you like. For changing the game’s appearance and sounds, you don’t need to have its project file or Game Maker Studio license and it can be easily done by replacing the default assets with new ones.

In this Match-3 game, you have to become more powerful by matching the tiles with same color. Each time that you match tiles with the same color, your progress bar for that color will advance a little and after some time you will level up in that color. Each color has its own special power and by leveling up, you can improve their powers and this is necessary for advancing throughout the game.