Advanced Logistics CRM is a cross platform web application. Built on Asp.Net MVC with C# technologies. It developed with latest and advanced technology. Moreover, it is cross-platform. Logistics CRM has a set of features given below. These features can help users to collaborate from any place and at any time, and when users are geographically distributed. These features as following…

1. Dashboard

2. Company Detail

a.) Profile: Allow Company to create their profile.
b.) Currency: Allow user to add multiple currency and select base currency out of them.
c.) Stages: It’s allow user to add the stages for all sales time to time. You can add color for all stages

3. User Management

a.) Add Users : You can add multiple users
b.) Roles: You can add multiple roles and a lot to users.
c.) Approvals : you can assign the privileges to the users
d.) User Privileges: Allow Admin to control users with the privileges assign to users.
e.) IP Security : Allow Admin provide IP Based security for his application as

User – Friendly
Easy to understand and simple form
No need for plugins
Well – structured
Intuitive and Predictable
Clear Navigation
Number of steps to perform a task is minimum as possible
Logically organized and predictable
Consistent Format
Effective and efficient search functionality

4. Sales

a.) Add Organizations: Allow users to add organization and see the timeline for all added organization.
b.) Add Contacts: Allow users to add all contacts with there timeline.
c.) Add Products: Allow users to add products with there timeline.
d.) Add Competitors: Allow users to add competitors with timeline.
e.) Opportunity: Allow users and Admin to add opportunity with timeline.

5. Marketing

a.) Visits: Allow user to add visits for it’s customers.
b.) Leads: Allow user to create and add leads manually.
c.) Campaigns: Allow user to create campaigns.

6. Activities

a.) Task: Allow user to add and create new Task.
b.) Events: Allow user to add and create new Events.

7. Looks Up

1.) City
2.) Roles
3.) User Group
4.) User Privileges
5.) Months
6.) Category
7.) Class
8.) Department
9.) Family
10.) Vendor
11.) Work Type
12.) Department of contact
13.) Follow up
14.) Plan
15.) Rating
16.) Reason
17.) Result
18.) Visitors
19.) Visit Type
20.) Industry
21.) Lead Source
22.) Loss Reason
23.) Model
24.) Ownership Type
25.) Payment Term
26.) Period
27.) Price List
28.) Priority Type
29.) Stage
30.) Action
31.) Position
32.) Type
33.) Unit
34.) Branch
35.) Origin
36.) Country
37.) Product Group
38.) Payment Type
39.) Product Type

8. Mail + Notification :

Allow users to create and send new mail to it’s user or any other person

Note: Currently support only Microsoft email account so please enter your Microsoft email account user name and password accordingly to send any email .

4. Advantages of Logistics CRM

1. No policy restriction
2. You can customize it to achieve your goal
3. No privacy Concern
4. You are the data owner
5. Contains the main social network features at Timeline like user can communicate with each other
with the help of Facebook comment
6. User Involvement

Login Demo:

Username= Admin

Support :

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