Skeleton and monsters are walking around all over the your castle, kill the endless skeletons with your sword, magic skills, or even super frame. Save your castle, skeletons will destroy castle. Many heroes have already fallen, but you’ve managed to survive. Kill the most of the skeletons and monsters, collecting more coins or gems and ammunition to buy more powerful magic skills, which can kill the skeletons and monsters quickly

Apk Demo file:



– Skeleton combat in different zones with 6 unique game modes

– Kill Skeletons with 7 magic skills : small balls , lighting balls, fire balls, slashes, big fires, frame and rocket

– 5 different types of items : mana flask, big mana, coin magnet, health kit, explosion.

– 5 different types monster. You will face the boss in final battle

– Great graphic and sound for shooter game

– choose your heroes, 4 heroes : Tommy, Jack, Daniel, Maria

– Earning big money with Admob interestital, show on Pause game, Game Over

– Unity reward video, Tapjoy Offer Wall

– Inn App purchase with 3 gem packs

– Share game link, invite your facebook friends to get more cashes