Do you need to scrape all products from Our application can help you with that!
AliExpress Scraper from the DataExcavator team is a simple and functional solution to extract products data from The program carefully processes the pages from the AliExpress website, saving their data on your computer. Do you want to quickly and easily retrieve all products data from including pictures and reviews? Then you’ve come to the right place – this is what our application is for. scraper - scrape data from AliExpress product pages
AliExpress data extractor
AliExpress product scraper - scrape data from product pages
Our application extracts almost all data from AliExpress product pages – description blocks, pricing blocks, rate blocks, reviews etc. Also, the application extracts product pictures in high-quality and saves them in .jpg format.

Why use our application? Why is it better than others?

Our application has two main advantages – low price and ease of use. When you buy our application, you pay once and get a working solution. No subscription fee – no additional commissions and payments. You will have your own ready-made tool for data scraping from AliExpress. As for ease of use – our application has only 3 buttons and one input. One of these buttons is the “Help” button. There are two more buttons left. The first button is to scrape the data, and the second one is to export the results to a .xlsx file. So you won’t have any questions like “where to click”, because there is simply nowhere to click =).

Exporting results

The data collected is exported in .xlsx format. If you click on the “Export” button, the application asks you to choose a directory for exporting. After choosing a directory, the application will create there a .xlsx file and a folder with images that were downloaded from the AliExpress website. Inside the .xlsx file there will be a column listing all images for each product (file names from the image folder).

Application limitations

First of all, we should warn you that sometimes AliExpress changes the layout of the product pages. In this case, our scraper stops working until we update the current version of the program. In general, this happens quite rarely, and most likely by the time you notice that the program has stopped working, we will have already made a new version of the program that can be downloaded from our website.

Additional information

This application is a simplified version of our main product – DataExcavator. ( Our main product is a universal scraper for any website. However, our main product has a subscription model with payment for each month. Also, our main product is much more complex. ). This application is purchased once, and performs the same functions, only for one site. So, if you need to find a scraper for AliExpress – you can use this solution because it exactly performs these functions.

The application is written in C#, platform .NET Framework. Inside the source codes everything is organized in a very simple way. There is a ready-made distribution of the application available on our website, which you can download and use without any knowledge of C# language. In case of unforeseen circumstances – support for the application is available from our website.

Our application uses our proprietary DirectJSON method. On the AliExpress pages you can find very detailed product data, which are saved in a special format. We extract this data directly – this saves time and computing resources. As a result, you can get all the detailed product information, including reviews, specifications and other data.

Data scraper - source codes included
Data scraper - DirectJson technology
Technology stack of our data scraper

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or 4.6
  • 1Gb+ RAM available
  • Free space on HDD (1Gb+)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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