All Languages Translator App is a utility which provides translation for all languages. The features include are: Image to text translation, speech to text translation, floating button just like facebook, you can enable and disable floating button. UI is eye catching and code is neat and clean and it also includes Admob ads.
All Languages Translator Free, Voice Text Translate All is a leading/professional Translator App to translate between languages using features like text translator, voice translator, text to speech, language translator with English conversation. All Languages Translator app allows you to translate between all languages. Free translation app is especially helpful when you are out of the country or in a place where you do not know the local language or somewhere foreign.
All Languages Translator, which allows you to take notes easily by speaking. Learn local/indigenous languages including all International languages. If you’re in a foreign place, no need to worry & just use language translator’s speak to translate functionality to translate words pronunciation of the local/foreign language.

Voice Translator:

Text to ️ speak all languages :
Get this amazing language translator with high accuracy capabilities of text to voice translation the likes of which you won’t see in any other online language translation app. All Languages Translator Translate All app is your one-stop for easy and fast translator. Now you can understand and speak any language with speech translate feature.

Image to Text Translator:
Image to text translation allows you to capture any image of text so the app will get the text from that image and will translate it for you in your choosen language.

>Eye catching Welcome Screen
>Translate Screen
>Image to Text Translator (OCR)
>Speech to Text Translator
>You can swap languages
>Floating icon just like facebook if app is closed
>Floating icon enable / disable
>Search and Filter languages
>Eye catching side drawer
>Eye catching About Screen
>Admob ads