This game was made with Unity 3D!

 Game platform depends on the one way system. The main character is a cat who had to flee their barriers to go to an upper floor. Some of our cats in different character from right to left guard constantly while others were waiting to catch birds haze condition. Alley Bird game can earn additional points thanks to the gold and diamond found in some floors. When you make certain high scores earn special characters, or you can buy the characters you want to store. You are using gold and diamond-like stature in the game awards you collect to buy character. You can change as you like our game prepared in accordance with reskin can develop.


Features & Requirements :

  • Unity3D
  • Android SDK
  • AdMob Integrated
  • Support Different Screen Resolution
  • Support Phone & Tablet
  • Game Sound, Menu Sound, Quality Sound
  • Sound On/Off Options
  • Google Play Leaderboard Integrated