WeatherApp is a simple android app that can display weather details according to the set locations. Locations can be add using the search bar (No GPS location detection feature). In the settings menu, you can manage locations and change between Celcius Fahrenheit units. Also it provide 3 different widget that can add into the HomeScreen.


  • Hourly Forecast 24 hours
  • Daily Forecast 3,5,7 Days
  • Add Multiple Locations
  • Sunset,Sunrise,Moonset,Moonrise details
  • UV Index
  • Wind Details
  • Pressure, Humidity Details
  • Celcius/Fahrenheit Units
  • 3 Different Widgets
  • Checking for Internet Connection
  • Dark Mode (Works with Android 9.0 and above)
  • Place to add Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions
  • Android Studio Build
  • Full Documented Guide

Weather Source
WeatherAPI :

This app uses the free API key So it will display forecast only for the next 3 days. But if you want to display for the next 5 or 7 days. You have to buy a key and the app is able to display the next 5 or 7 days’ weather.

Download Demo APK


  • Complete Android Studio Project
  • Documentation