Bookspeak is an online book listening platform where anyone can listen to available books in the app. Bookspeak also is known as the audiobook app, ebook app, online book app, etc.

BookSpeak is audio book app template with 25+ screens.

List of Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Sign in Screen
  • Sign up Screen
  • Social login Screen
  • OTP verification Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Home Continue listing Screen
  • Search Screen
  • Book List Screen
  • Book Info Screen
  • Payment pop up
  • Book Chapters Screen
  • Book Review Screen
  • Listen Book Screen
  • Book Chapters Screen
  • Author Profile Screen
  • Author Books Screen
  • Menu Screen
  • My Profile Screen
  • Ongoing Books Screen
  • Bookmarked Screen
  • Support Screen
  • Wallet Screen
  • Add Money Screen
  • Payment Successful Screen

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