✓☆-Show Real-Time Download speed
✓☆-Show Real-Time Upload speed
✓☆-Automatically match the best server
✓☆-Show 100% accurately ping
✓☆-One-tap Change Mbps or MB/s
✓☆-Show location country
✓☆-You can share the results with other apps
✓☆-Works well with both wifi or mobile data
Internet Speed Test with amazing UI – 7
✓☆Android Studio Latest Version.
✓☆Basic Knowledge
Internet Speed Test with amazing UI – 8
✓☆full app source code
✓☆image resources Adobe xd file
✓☆Technical Documentation
Internet Speed Test with amazing UI – 9
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AZA Speed Test permits you to effortlessly and rapidly check your web speed anyplace, Okla server is utilized here so you’ll check your web speed very accurately.
It’s a little application that produces it simple for you to utilize. Furthermore, you’ll share your AZA SpeedTest comes about with another app of your choice with one press.
In expansion, more points of interest can be found in this application.AZA Speed Test – Day by day Utilization For Android shows Speed In Notification-bar and keeps track of every day utilization.
It Makes Month to month Charging Cycle. To AZA Speed Test -The Utilize Of Web And Wi-Fi Daily-used Information Report And Appear Date In Right-side.
AZA Speed Test makes it simple to test your web speed. It’s simple, quick, and precise and the test comes about is displayed in a user-friendly way with symbols clarifying what the web speed can be utilized for.


AZA Speed Test may be a capable, progressed device that makes a difference you to degree Web association speed on Android. The application is prepared with a modern, intuitive interface.
For more experienced clients, there’s too a huge number of arrangement options. Use the AZA Speed Test to test your internet speed and check to arrange execution! With fair one tap,
it’ll test your web association through thousands of servers around the world and appear precise comes about inside 30 seconds.AZA Speed Test could be a free web speed meter.
It can test speed for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, DSL, and ADSL. It’s moreover a wifi analyzer that seems to assist you test the wifi association.AZA Speed Test is PHP based script to offer an organized transmission capacity check against your web server.
No database or long setup is required. Documentation included. The script calculates download speed from the server, which is the script introduced on.
The demo is found in the center EU (Czech Republic), so comes about can be distinctive for each client. Transfer and ping server can be physically set in config.
AZA Speed Test – Web Speed Test & Day by day Utilization Speed In the Status bar and keeps track of the day by day utilization. It shows the final 30 days of records of web speed utilization.
You’ll be able to test your wifi or versatile information web speed through speed test usefulness. It’s quick, exact and the test comes about is displayed in a user-friendly interface.