Azure Blob Storage Web Explorer (without source code) is the first web application for managing one or multiple blobs container on Azure storage as a simple file explorer that allows you to perform most file operations. You can use it directly as web application or as Iframe on your existing web application.


The following table represents the operations available in Azure storage Web Explorer :

search Searches for items matching the search string in the current and sub folders
createCreate new folder in the current path
deleteDelete files or folders
copyCopy selected file or folder to target path
moveCut selected file or folder
renameRename the selected file or folder
downloadDownload one or multiple file from blob storage
uploadUpload file to the current path in blob storage
image previewView the image content with double click
detail and large iconsYou can switch between large icons or detail view in the explorer
sort bySort elements by : name, size and modified date

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Live demo

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Documentation & Settings

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Fast started

The package delivered is published under .Net Core Framework and ready to deploy on your Windows or Linux web server. Please refer to Please refer to those articles to deploy .Net Core application :

  • Unzip the deployment package file
  • Deploy the application in your web server, please refer to the Documentation link above
  • Open appsettings.json file to setup the application, please refer to the Documentation link above
  • Lunch the application on your browser