BadDoll is awesome HTML5 Game

BadDoll is awesome game with sound and music effects and very interesting gameplay , where you have to clear row by matching same cute monster bad dolls and create high score.

Why should buy this game ?

:- Good graphics and hyper casual style gameplay and We will update this game every week with new version and graphics, sounds & theme , so you can get more than one game with new designs also you can update it, we will also provide version template in one page so you can use it like a one game mini portal, just stay tuned with this game .


:- Beautiful graphics
:- Responsive layout
:- Game sounds
:- Touch support
:- Fast process , no load time
:- Play offline and online
:- Easy reskin
:- Well commented code
:- Easy customization
:- Support computer browser
:- Support mobile browser
:- Support & build Android app
:- Support & build iOS app
:- Publish game on google play store
:- Publish game on iOS app store

We are providing one time resking and android app build with google admob setup for free : After purchasing game please contact app build and support

You can make money by enabling admob in game app and publish on google play store or share anywhere you want.

Requirements :

– normal hosting requirement to publish on website
– you can use free hosting services : netlify, drive to web and other.
– you can upload game on your website, portal.
– you can publish game on google play store.
– you can publish game iOS app store

Check Demo in Browser

:- Click here browser demo

Check Demo Android App