“Balo!” is an arcade/addictive game, where you can test your skills on how far you can go. As you archieve more and more distance points, the game starts to get faster and tougher.

How to play: Balo is an addictive game and as such can be played only by touchscreen and by clicking everywhere on the screen to jump. Balo keeps moving by itself, but to jump, you need to click the screen.

Note: You need to have basic undestandings on how Android Studio and Buildbox works. We preffer you to use Buildbox 2.3.8 and higher and the latest version of Android Studio. Only with Buildbox 2.3.8 and higher you can upload you game on Google Play Store, because it supports android 64 bit.

By using Buildbox with Balo, you will be able to change in-app graphics, sounds, admob integration, google play services (archievments and leaderboards), and the way you play.

Files inculded:
-Android Studio Project
-Buildbox File
-Sprites, Images and Sounds Effects of the Game

Other informations about the game:

Explore the sky with Balo, a curious, friendly & good looking ghost.

-Who is Balo?
“Balo” is interested to see what’s up on the skies & above the clouds. Here, you come in place and help Balo archieve its intentions. To go further and further, Balo needs a good friend to help him with the jumping thing. Balo can walk and run by itself, but needs your help to push him juuust a bit and pass through obstacles.