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Bulk SMS Sender in ASP.NET MVC Core 5.0

This project is built in ASP.NET MVC Core 5.0 with Bootstrap which can be used to send SMS to a group of users at the same time by providing the phone numbers as a comma-separated in a text box or by importing them using a CSV file. Besides, this project item contains full source code with a layered (n-tier) architecture serving as ASP.Net MVC Core 5.0 starter template following best practices, OO principles and design patterns.
This item also outlines the integration with Twilio to send SMS.

You can use this project as your marketing tool to run your campaigns and reach your customers via SMS.

In addition to the main focus, the code is pretty clean and contains pretty styling for the UI. This project can be expanded and customized for more features and screens following the same UI styling and coding style.

For more info or any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me


  1. Full source code is included. Technology includes ASP.Net MVC Core 5.0, Bootstrap, C#.
  2. Clean Code and Pretty UI Styling.
  3. Can be customized for more features following same styling and coding.
  4. Copy and paste the phone numbers directly.
  5. Import the phone numbers from CSV file.
  6. Twilio Integration.
  7. N-Tier Architecture: APIs, Services & Integration layers.
  8. ASP.NET MVC Core 5.0 Starter Template.
  9. Dependency Injection.
  10. Settings Management.
  11. Async Programming.



  1. Create account in Twilio to use it to send SMS.
  2. Open the solution using Visual Studio 2019.
  3. Change the Twilio parameters in appsettings.json to the ones you have.
  4. Run the solution and enjoy.