anapoly : an educational board game template for anything.

Yes! You read it correct it is an educational board game template for anything that have good and evil theme. Board games is probably the most inflammatory game of all time.

It is undoubtedly a classic and household staple, yet I have seen an educational instinct for teaching any topic with some element of surprise and valuable for kids.

All the spaces, deeds, and tiles have facts about the theme in subject (conceive and go…) on them.

Players roll dice to determine how far they move. Landing on a space gives the player the option of learning new things.
Players must avoid meeting penalties to stay in the game. The winner is the player is having higher points.

12 face polyhedral dice Included

There is a large and big game (NOT INCLUDED) based on this template that stood first in state educational exhibition and that have also a hardware implementation with Arduino.

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