The more orders your shop have, the more failed payments will arrive.
WooCommerce handles that pretty badly because it only sends a notification to the administrator
and not to the customer. This plugin fixes the issue and sends a customizable notification to the
customer on failed and cancelled orders.

Simple setup

Like any other email template in WooCommerce you can find it in WooCommerce-> Settings-> Emails.
At the bottom of the Emails you find Cancelled Order to customer.

woocommerce cancelled order email to customer settings

Adapt your style

The cancelled order email for customers match exactly your WooCommerce styles.
Simply modify it with your design plugins or modify the entire template with code for further modifications.

woocommerce email styles

Familiar Settings

The settings are equal to any other WooCommerce emails. Set a subject, modify the heading and place additional content above the order review.
You can also customize the styling with the various email designer plugins out there – out of the box.

woocommerce emails settings overview