Learn lowercase and uppercase letters in English.

In this game, kids will learn lowercase and uppercase letters in English. With every right choice, the coloring in the background is gradually completed until the whole background is colored! This game can be very useful for kids who are tryin to learn English letters and alphabets.

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Play HTML5 Demo

Download Android Demo

How to Play:

  • Use the mouse or touch to connect the correct uppercase and lowercase letters with each other.


  • Admob intgrated(Banner, interstitial)
  • Cross platfrom(HTML5, Android, iOS)
  • Supports touch
  • Supports Mouse
  • Works on all HTML5 browsers
  • Can be used in mobile devices & websites
  • Cartoon graphics
  • High resolution
  • Suitable for preschoolers
  • Introducing lowercase and uppercase letters in English
  • Auto-resize (responsive)
  • Easy to replace sound effect and music
  • Letters pronunciation


  • You don’t need to use game engine to reskin the game. Just replace default images with what you want using an image editor software. If you need help in reskining the game, feel free to contact us via Email.