Cash Guru (React Native Mobile App)

Cash Guru helps businesses and personnel to track their expenses and their income more accurately & helps to manage money more efficiently. Plan your expenses, calculate your income, See detailed reports, Maintain cash transparency, Collect bills, Verify documents, Generate reports, Analyze & improve performance.


Cash Guru Features :

Expense Vs Income : Everyday expenses in direct comparison to your income.

Expense : Keep track where your money went and how much it was. – Easily calculates your earnings and identifies its source.


Income :

Expense Reports : Find out how much you spent a around the year with detailed expense reports.

Income Reports : See in detail your income over the fiscal year with targeted income reports.

Multiple Company : One Admin can manage multiple businesses with strong database and smooth accessing

User Friendly App : We designed this app after researching UX/UI for months and developed using the latest tech tools for better user experience

Multi-Platform Usage : Manage your field service operations mobile app also Field employees can work with the mobile app.


“Managing your business are very easy now”


You Will Get :

  1. Full Eeact Native Expo Source Sode
  2. ASP.Net Backend Api Source Code
  3. Database Script (MS SQL Server)
  4. Full Documentation For App & API


Tools Required :

  1. VS Code
  2. Visual Studio 2015
  3. MS SQL Server
  4. Expo Account