Colored is a complete web app to allow your users to get the best color combinations. you can add an infinite amount of palettes or colors lists,
Colored is made in a way to offer the best user experience for your visitors. from page transitions. animations. colors. etc.
. this web app comes with a useful admin dashboard to gain full control of your website from stats, the ability to add custom pages, edit your website metadata. ads. social links. sponsors. sponsorship requests. and much more.

  • Mobile friendly.
  • Content Variety. Palettes/ Colors Lists / Custom Pages.
  • Copy in multiple forms ( RGBA,RGB,HEX,…)
  • Full control of your website from your dashboard.
  • Great user experience due to smooth animations- page transition- page speed.
  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Stats ( Number of copies- Number of colors – number of palettes ).
  • Sponsors ( People can ask for sponsorship right from your website. and you will receive sponsors requests in your dashboard)
  • Add infinite amount of Colors Lists and palettes.
  • Ads Links ( You can add links to your pages. very good for afilliates or promoting other websites )
  • Social Links ( Add your social links right from your dashboard )
  • Full control of metadata right from your dashboard.
  • Add custom pages.
  • Step by step installation video.
  • Installation in a vps, or Firebase Hosting ( Free Up to 10GB Per Month )