Dark Mode Switcher – WordPress Plugin enables dark mode or night mode functionality for your website visitors. Simple plugin with powerful functionality. Dark Mode is a modern trend of Web Design. Some popular WordPress theme comes with their own dark mode system. But maximum wordpress theme don’t have this feature by default. No matter which WordPress theme free/paid you are using, Dark Mode Switcher tries to understand it and make things eye-pleasing.

You can you this also in your WordPress Admin Panel.


Features of Dark Mode Switcher

  • Customizable Color preset in Dark Mode
  • Customizable color on Dark Mode Floating Switch
  • Dark Mode on Admin Panel
  • Re-positioning Floating Switch
  • Image Brightness Control on Dark Mode
  • Default Mode for new visitors
  • Pre-built Color Preset
  • Pre-built switch styles and will be added more on future updates
  • Support Woocommerce Themes
  • Supported on all popular browsers
  • Doesn’t effect on your site performance





Dark Mode Switcher v1.0
- Initial release