Pack of 16 animated Discount Statistic icons suitable for web designers and web / app developers.
A pack of animated icons is perfect for CMS platforms (WordPress, Webflow and others).

You will get:
✔ 16 json animated icons
✔ 16 html preview
✔ After Effects Project for color adjustment
✔ 100% Resizable
✔ Change color and stroke width
✔ Layered design
Icons Included: chart schedule card
4.percent clipboard
5.economy statistic accomuation message
8.percent cursor
9.percent phone
10.temproraty offer indication discount
13.lowest price
14.statistics discount graph
16.web discount
The Set is suitable for those who are interested in:
icons, business, discount, statistic, interface, web, json, svg animation, web development, app design, bodymovin, lottie, ui, motion, cms, wp