IMPORTANT NOTE: Exbita Cryptocurrency Exchange Script uses its OWN Nodes, so all private keys belong to wallets are under YOUR control, and you don’t depend on third-party services, which bring security concerns and extra fees.


Our demo application is available at

password: demo_admin

password: demo_user


Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens
Listing own ERC-20 tokens
Unlimited Markets
– User-Friendly Design
– SPA Structure
– Organized Admin Panel
– Mobile Responsive Design
– Home Landing Page
– Unlimited Exchange Markets
– Market Statistic
– Order Book
– Realtime Trading
– Realtime Notifications
– Market and Limit Orders
– Realtime Blockchain Synchronization
– Manual Deposit and Withdrawal Approval Mechanism
– KYC Verification
– 2FA Authentication (Google Authenticator, SMS)
– TradingView
– Theme Editor
– Multilanguage
– Site Branding
– AWS S3 Storage
– SMS Provider
– API Documentation
– User Guide
– Trading API
– Crypto-to-crypto trading
– Crypto-to-fiat trading

Trading API

Exbita provides a fully documented Trading API for developers to integrate their 3rd party mobile apps, payment systems, trading engines, exchange scripts, crypto rating platforms, e (e.g., CoinMarketcap, Coingecko), etc. with a scoped access level, so users can get full access to all available API methods or set up limited access only to the specific part of the system.

Available API methods:


  • get markets
  • get single market
  • get market orderbook


  • get currencies
  • get single currency


  • get orders
  • create orders (both market, limit orders)
  • get single order

User Wallets:

  • get fiat wallets
  • get crypto-currency wallets

Please check our API documentation to get more information.

Installation & Documentation

We provide free installation.
– The Support Help Center is available at Exbita Help Desk Center

– Online Documentation at Exbita Docs



Exbita 1.1.5– 11.12.2020

- Added: App Version on Admin Menu
- Update: Improve Money Formatter Class to handle more decimals

(please check the upgrade.txt file to update your application)

Exbita 1.1.4– 08.12.2020

- Upgraded: New Clickatell API Support

(please check the upgrade.txt file to update your application)

Exbita 1.1.3– 26.11.2020

- Improved: The License Activation steps

Exbita 1.1.2– 19.11.2020

- Added: Accept ERC tokens with zero decimals

Exbita 1.1.1– 18.11.2020

- Added: Dynamic gas fee for ETH transfers
- Fixes: Add new market screen bug

Exbita 1.1.0 – 02.10.2020

- Added: Support ERC-20 Tokens 
- Added: Support Crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat pairs.

Exbita 1.0.3 – 25.09.2020

- Added: Support Ethereum 
- Updated: Online Documentation about Ethereum Node Installation

Exbita 1.0.2 – 22.09.2020

- Added: License Checker Module
- Updated: Online Documentation about License Checker Module

Exbita 1.0.1 – 15.09.2020

- Initial Release