Facebook Video Saver helps to easily download all your favorite Story Video & Posted Video.

This app is very attractive for giving an easy way to download any Facebook Story & Posted Video. Download this app to get all your favorite story video & posted video with original resolution.

You can save videos quickly with high resolutions.

This app giving facility you to download multi options such story video, posted video from your Facebook and permanent save it and easily share with your friends.


Facebook Video Saver representing functions like Story Videos and Posted Videos downloader and can share all downloaded story videos and posted videos.

How does it work?
Step 1: Open this app & Login in your Account

Step2: Choose any story video or posted video from your Facebook account.

Step 3: You will get three options there; Play, Download, and Cancel. Select an option from them.

Step 4: Press the “Download” button and the story video or posted video are immediately saved to your downloaded area.
Step 5: From the downloaded area you can delete & share videos with anyone.