Flutter WordPress Clone App – Ios and Android Application
Your dashboard is your WordPress WebSite

you can create an application in 20 mins with :

  • 1-onboarding section
  • 2-home page with categories and top new posts
  • 3- a favorite page that has all post your like
  • 4-All article posts that are found all posts
  • 5- information page with about us and contact form
  • 7-Push notification with firebase
  • 8- add your ad mob to nay page

Ckeck Live Preview in Google play and App Store Now

This test Color And easy To customize all Theme

  • Note: Any WordPress post preview work in the application can use it’s with:
  • -Articles
  • -Audio
  • -video
  • -files(any type of file)

-Any WordPress API available you can connect to it.

save more than 200 hours.

-we use a free image from Unsplash can get it here: https://unsplash.com/ Free icon from Font Awsome here: https://fontawesome.com/ contact me if need any help and will find video documentation, it’s very easy to use and run the flutter project.