Future Browser is designed and coded to be small, light, fast, simple and secure. The app itself is as small as about 4 MB. The browser uses a custom homepage that loads locally for quick start-ups. Although it is small in size, it packs a punch with all the features you would normally see in a mobile browser. For example, you can import bookmarks from other browsers that use file formats of HTML or JSON. The browser also allows for complete management of bookmarks with folder categorization.



  • Amazing UX/UI
  • Transparent Background
  • you Can Open PDF FILE on Browser
  • can open multiWindows
  • can set Home Page
    *2 themes available and you can custom your theme
  • Toggle Discktop Mode
  • Enable JavaScript option
  • denie or allow Accesse to cockies
  • Support Search engine
    // yahoo.com,google.com,bing.com,duckduckgo.com,ask.com,ixquick.com,yandex.com,baidu.com,search.naver.com
  • PDF privacy policy integrated Welcome screen.
  • set splash screen and time running
  • POPUP for new user to get more info about app and how to use
  • set Admob ads (inter and Banner).
  • Migration Admob and FB AUDIENCE.
  • Migration Admob and Start App
  • Firebase integration.