Game Collection 15 (CAPX and HTML5) 10 Games for Christmas.


– $7.5 Per Game.

– HTML5 included.

– Capx Files Included.

– Made in Construct 2.

– No Required Coding.

– Documentation Included.

– All Platforms Supported.

– Easy Customization.

– Audio/Music Included.

– Design Included (PSD and PNG).

– High Score Recording.

– Social Sharing (mobile devices only).

– Fully Optimized.

– You can Hire Me. (if you need any changes).

– You can Contact Me. (if you need any support).

Game List:

01 Protect Gifts From The Grinch

02 Find The Kids Locations

03 Find Kids for Christmas Gifts

04 Don’t Crash and Collect Gifts

05 Escape from the Grinch

06 Run Power Generator to Build the Gifts

07 Santa Drive with Catch The Reindeers

08 Santa Ride with Motorbike to Factory

09 Tour of The Santa

10 Drop the Gifts