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Glitch Video Effect is the easiest app to add glitch effects to your videos in just a few clicks. Glitch video allows you to add glitch art fx and other trippy effects like a glitch wizard.

Simply import videos from your camera or gallery, then select from an array of glitche effects to generate glitch.

Glitch Video Effects features:

100+ Effects for Glitch Video
Video Editor with Music
Video Editor with Retro VHS Camcorder

– Create the illusion of corrupted files and data on your videos with the datamoshing fx.

– Get the most dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH effect applied over your glitch art video and impress your friends.

Defective Pixels:
– Make grainy and pixelated images with just 1 click.

– Overlay your videos and gif with a grid effect to create impressive glitch art.

VHS Camcorder:
– Apply the old tv scanline trippy effects to create that retro look on your videos

Pixel Art
– Add small aesthetic pixel art gif effect to create unique combination of glitche effect

Glitch Wizard
– Add random glitches and 3d glitch trippy effects to your videos


– Android 11 API level 30
– Support APK 64 bit
– Developed with Android Studio & Gradle
– Support for KitKat (Android 5.0) and newer
– Material design following Android Design Guidelines
– AdMob Ads
– Facebook Ads

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