This application offers of an array of services that enable families to find a nearby social service provider and provide employment opportunities.The services provided by the app are child care, senior care, special needs, pet care, housekeepers and tutors( you can add and delete new services).

The app comes with 2 separate UI/UX, one for Service providers and the other for Service seekers.

For Service Providers:

  • Create an account to get started.
  • Set up the profile: Type of service, Experience, Brief description, Time job, Salary/hr, Availability.
  • Search for nearby opportunities.

For Service Seekers:

  • Create an account to get started.
  • Post a job, review nearby profiles then message candidates who fit the needs.
  • Conduct interviews and hire the one that works for you.

The app implements the MVVM architecture using the latest android Jetpack libraries
(Data Binding, Lifecycles, LiveData, Navigation, Room, ViewModel and Coroutines).
Language: Kotlin


  • Android Studio 3.6 or higher
  • Firebase account with Blaze plan

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  • Firebase Authentication and Storage.
  • Firestore as Backend.
  • Email login.
  • Password recovery and reset system.
  • Messages Feature.
  • Rate and Review caregivers Feature.
  • Push Notifications using Firebase Functions.
  • FCM cloud messaging.
  • Firebase crashlytics.
  • Including real distances.
  • Filters & Location filter: filter by age, gender, distance, type of job, experience.
  • Edit Profile.
  • Share and rate the app.
  • Privacy policy and terms of service links.
  • Delete account feature.
  • Clean code.
  • Material Design.
  • 64 bit application.
  • Android Studio Project with complete documentation.

Documentation content:

  • Change the package name.
  • Setup Firebase.
  • Setup Firebase Functions.
  • Setup security rules.
  • Setup privacy and terms
  • Change the application icon
  • Generate a signed APK.