Hello, Hafiz here. I am selling my starter template for iOS development on News Apps. It is written with SwiftUI, no storyboard or .xib.

Who can use this template?
1) iOS developers (beginner to expert level).
2) New iOS learner targeting pure SwiftUI development.

Please refer below gig specifications before you buy.
1) Provide UI templates written in SwiftUI with dummy data and sample images.
2) Content can be customised with user needs such as news, foods listing, places listing, events, etc.
3) No API integration or backend data included – Developers / buyers need to develop and integrate this themselves
4) Only provide two screens (List and Detail page)
5) Can be easily run in Xcode 12 and Swift 5.3 (no Cocoapods or Swift Package Manager required)
6) Support iOS 13+
7) Once order submitted, I will deliver the source code. That’s it and you can start your own development.