Know your device is a native Android Application built with ♥, Kotlin, Java & XML

Know your device is a simple but powerful application that provides the most detailed information about your phone system, hardware, software

Know Your device stands out from the other application for its distinct and refreshing UI, the upcoming phone notification, multi-purpose tools support like QR Code, Audio recording, Torch, and the most important feature to test your device network, memory card, screen display, vibration, sensors and much more.

The details section includes information about the device model, device OS, detail camera configuration information, CPU, Battery, Screen resolution, Bluetooth, Sim information, root detection, installed app, sensor list with individual details in depth.

Configurable Admob with reward videos is integrated into the apps which helps you unlock the Device Test feature for monetization.

The Upcoming phone list is maintained at firebase information about which is gathered through various open-source websites(this is just for demo)


  • Android Studio 
  • Firebase
  • JAVA
  • XML
  • JSON

Detailed feature list:

  • Native Device Info App
  • Dashboard with device information overview.
  • Upcoming phone list with the release date, name and model
  • Operating System(OS) Info.
  • Sensor List & Details
  • Animated dialogs and splash screen
  • Device Info: 

    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Board
    • Hardware
    • Boot loader information
    • Supported Abis
  • Operating System(OS) 

    • Version Name and code
    • API level
    • fingerprint
    • Build time
    • Build ID
    • Timezone
  • Camera Information

    • Number of cameras
    • Video Stabilization modes,
    • Stream Configuration
    • camera facing
    • Available modes, Antibanding models, scene modes
  • CPU info: 

    • Processor
    • Cores
    • Features
    • CPU implementer
    • CPU architecture
    • Hardware
    • CPU clock range
  • Battery

    •  Battery Type
    • Power Source
    • Battery Temperature
    • Battery Voltage
    • Charging status
    • Battery Health
  • Sim Info:

    • Network Type
    • SIM State
    • Operator name with MCC+MNC
    • WiFi, Unavailable, Connected
    • IMEI
  • Root Detection
  • Enable disable BLE, NFC, GPS from the dashboard
  • RAM usage 
  • Internal Storage capacity with usage
  • Check SD card availability and usage
  • Device testing

    • Check Network Quality
    • Check  Time Sync
    • Check GPS
    • Check Network
    • Check RAM memory
    • Check Disk Space
    • Check Battery
    • Check Screen test
    • Check Multi-Touch support
    • Check Touch
    • Check Vibration
    • Check Biometric sensor
    • Check Available sensors and details
  • Utility Tools

    • Torch
    • Audio Recording
    • Quick Camera
    • Qr code scanning
    • Check System and Installed apps
    • One-click Uninstall apps 
  • Admob Reward video support