Custom Price or Reskin Service:

Buy Bundle 9 Attractive Unity Casual Games 49$ and Save 175$ (80% OFF).

The games included in this bundle are:

1 – Brick Breaking – 69$ Play Demo Here

2 – Pirate Race – 49$ Play Demo Here

3 – Kong Land – 19$ Play Demo Here

4 – Kong Bounce – 19$ Play Demo Here

5 – Angry Cube Stick – 14$ Play Demo Here

6 – Bird Shooting – 14$ Play Demo Here

7 – Tiny Hero – 19$ Play Demo Here

8 – Save Sheeps – 14$ Play Demo Here

9 – Monsters Defense – 9$Play Demo Here

Easy to Reskin:

  • Import package to Unity.
  • Just change UI, Text, Logo with a few clicks. Very easy with visual editor tool integrated with Unity.
  • Enter Admod banner, Interstitial, and Reward video ID.
  • Export Signed APK
  • Upload to Google Play store and other stores
  • Earn money from ads

Detailed documentation and RESKIN software is included.

Contents of documentation

  • How to install, import package to Unity, and Build Apk file.
  • How to change ads Id.
  • How to configure and change the game elements. (Like level, character, bonus, speed, etc…) very detail and clearly.

All game developed using Unity version 2020 and is designed for high-performance, battery-efficient games.

Regular license features:

  • Ready to public.
  • Help you integrate other ads service if you want.
  • Support and guide you when everything is done ( config, reskin, upload ).
  • Update FREE when an updated version available.

Extended License features:

  • You can resell all of the games in this bundle.
  • Lifetime support ( You can call me anytime if you need my help for all of the games in this bundle or others you bought from me ).
  • Add a new feature as you request at a good price or FREE if it’s easy to complete.
  • Ask me anything about Unity. I will show you hand by hand.

We provide un-watermarked images because we trust that you will use your best judgment in creating a legitimate reskin that adds value to the game. Please be aware of Google policies against “spamming” the App Store and take your time to create the graphics that will delight your users.

If you have any questions or you want additional information, you can contact me via: