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Multi whatsapp account appliation Overview

How easy I can add/attach my new whatsApp account in application?

How to add my friends/know whatsApp numbers?

How I can Setup time delay options between multiple messages?

How to Setup Time delay settings between whatsapp contact numbers?

How I do Switch multiple WhatsApp Account Settings?


It is first most simple but super powerful whatsApp bulk sender, that allow you to use your multiple whatsApp account at the same time in same marketing campaign.

It is specially develop for resellers, marketing egencies and business owner.

Evey single features just like a powerful module to keep you maximum safe, productive, lead generator and ultimately profit in revenue.

There is much more inside the application for you :)

Super Exciting Key Features

  • Use application with your Rebrand screen and color, no coding required.
  • Add/remove unlimited whatsApp account.
  • Switch whatsapp account after sending X number of messages.
  • Support upto 5 variable, so you can use dynamic values. Such as dynamic print customer name, address etc.
  • Add your friends/known whatsapp number
  • Send message to your friend/know numbers after x messages.
  • Import messages from CSV
  • Send Random messages
  • Send messages by file row sequence.
  • Send all messages to all imported whatsApp contact from csv file.
  • Auto filter and skip invalid whatsapp number from campaign
  • Send message by text, images, videos or any other whatsApp supported media files.
  • Setting: Switch whatsApp account after X messages
  • Setting: Define time delay after switch account
  • Setting: Send message to your friend/know number after X messages
  • Setting: Define time delay for friend/know messages
  • Setting: Define time delay between whatsApp contact sending
  • Setting: Define time delay between multiple messages send to one whatsApp number.
  • Super Simple and powerful application
  • Provided predefine templates file to easy use.
  • Provided supported MS dot net frame work inside package folder.
  • Key license support, so you can resale (Extend License)
  • Quick Support

Please note the following before purchase: We have three different type of application version.

  • Personal use only: Multi account whatsapp bulk sender (Personal use version) only allowed to use on one system. You will get setup file and after installation you can send me email for your activation key.
  • Personal Unlimited installation You can also purchase unlimited installation version from envanto. You will get application file to install on unlimited system without asking any activation key. So you can install it to your home, office, friends and family system (which you not get paid).
  • Extend License / Reseller version: If you want to resell this application and earn handsome money, you should buy extend license as per envato policy.
    With extend license you get Key License Generator, so you can generate activation keys for your customers.
  • Source code not included in this package, if you required source code, then contact me on email first.
  • How To Activate Application

    Registration From (Client Application Interface)

    If you are using limited addition version, then may application ask you first time for activation key. Please contact with applicaiton provider to activation key.

    Client applicaiton activation screen

    How To Generatore License Key for your Client

    License Key Generator (Admin Application Interface)

    If you purchased extend license then you will receive license key generator, so you can generate activation keys for your customers/client application.

  • Enter your client key
  • Select license key expiry date
  • Generatore key and
  • Copy new generatored license key and it to your customer.
  • License key generator for admin

    How It Work

    Main Screen

  • Select your desired sending mode option
  • Import campaign file (CSV or Text)
  • Select WhatsApp accounts you want to use. You may can select multiple account to send from messages.
  • Click Send Button and you are done :)
  • Add New WhatsApp Account

  • Click ACCOUNT button form main screen
  • Press add new
  • Type your account name (that you can remember later), you may can use your whatsApp number as name for easy to remember.
  • Click Ok
  • It will open chrome browser with and will ask you to screen your mobile as default whatsApp web login process.
  • Scane your whatsApp form mobile and do not close chrome browser until you receive “Account Successfully added” messages from applicaiton.
  • After message your are done and can use this saved whatsApp account to send messages.
  • Add Friend/Known Accounts

  • Click Friend button from main from
  • Click Add new account button
  • Type your friend/know whatsApp number.
  • Press ok and you should receive successfully added message.
  • Application Settings

  • Set your time delay between whatsapp contact number.
  • Set your time delay between multiple message sending.
  • Setup limit when you want to switch your whatsApp account, After X message your other whatsApp account will be used to send messages from.
  • Setup time delay for account switch option.
  • Setup after how many messages you want to send a message to your friend/know whatsApp number.
  • Define time delay for friend message settings.
  • Application Screenshots

    Main ScreetnMessage Management

    Client Registration Process

    If application License mode is activated, then system will ask for one time a registration key by showing the following form”. (Until registration expire by date)

    Client Registration Form

    If you are administrator or re-seller, then your clients should send you their “system keys”, so you can generator “Unique System Registration key” for each of them.

    License Key Generator

    File path: ApplicationsLicenseKeyGenerator
    This software package also include a “License key generator”, so you can generate unique registration key for your client’s system users.

    License Key Generator

    Please select the some future date and generate registration key.
    Now you can send back this generated registration key to your client for application registration, and it should work now until license expire by date.

    Import File Templates

    1) importCampaign.csv
    1) importCampaign.txt
    Template file that can be use to import contacts using csv file.



    Schools / Collage / Teachers

    Retail / Wholesale shops

    Property agent

    Doctors / Hospital

    And any other area which are currently using whatsApp to share their products information to customers.

    This application purely created with deep hart and feeling to solve the current complex problems in e-commerce industry to sharing new product’s update to their customers using whatsapp.
    So basically it is more then instead a simple bulk or spam sender as many other available in market.

    You can send each product description, price and pictures individually. This is very unique features and because it support with database so you can resend your campaign anytime.


    Please note: WhatsApp is a trademark of official WhatsApp Inc or to authorized by them.
    This application or any part of this application is not endorsed or certified by official WhatsApp Inc. This is an unofficial utility enhancement for WhatsApp Web.

    I’ll not encourage any one to use this for spam purpose instead to use this as a communication tool to grow your business and services sale. I try my best to make it usable for you and keep maximum possible option to avoid any kind of contact blocking (like by adding time delay),
    But in any case if any contact restricted/blocked/ban by official whatsapp Inc due to any reason, I will be not responsible for this.

    Please read all the features and watch demo, videos or you can ask for demo trial before you purchase. after purchase and download, this is a digital product not support for refund.

    Thank you so much

    I need best support regarding any issue?

    I will recommend please read documents and watch all training videos, i have update videos Links on different features in product page.

    If you will get issue after watching training videos,
    Please create your screen video may with mobile and send me on email to watch how you are using and what the issue you have, i will guide you on that.

    If it will not resolve your problem then i will give you live session support for free by anydesk remote access application.

    Thank you

    Change Log

    Published at 03 January, 2020
    Initial Release