Muly is a featured, scalable short video app platform that includes first-party support for cloud deployment by default. You can launch your own TikTok, Dubsmash or like app in no time using Muly.

The API is secured by personal access tokens, admin panel is reactive, thanks to its Laravel + Livewire foundation. Whereas, the Android app is built on Material Design principles following easy, less code to understand and iterate upon.

Live demo

The demo APK can be downloaded from The admin panel demo is available at You may use below credentials to login as administrator.

Username: admin
Password: 12345678

Installation guide

For easy installation, you can follow videos on channel. For LAMP/LEMP or other e.g., cloud instructions, please follow the README.pdf inside main archive.

Ranking algorithm

The algorithm is simple but quite intelligent. On first launch (after install), the videos are shown in random order. On subsequent launches, the newer videos uploaded after last launch time are shown first, then the random order. If no new videos have been uploaded since, it shows in random order. In both scenarios, preferred languages and clips from verified users are ranked to appear first.

Feature highlights

  1. See videos and read news.
  2. Like, comment and engage with content.
  3. Instagram like animated, double tap to like.
  4. Login with Facebook, Google and OTP (Firebase / Msg91 / Twilio).
  5. Follow, unfollow your favorite creators.
  6. Language selection screen to prefer local content.
  7. Show follow suggestions after login.
  8. Real time one-to-one messaging.
  9. Send cool stickers in chats and comments.
  10. Block or unblock users.
  11. Instant push notifications with FCM.
  12. Manage user verification status.
  13. Share links or videos directly to social networks.
  14. In-app reviews and updates.
  15. Disapprove inappropriate videos.
  16. Download and share with watermark + username.
  17. Record new video or upload existing.
  18. Choose music from phone, library or existing video.
  19. Recording with start/stop timer.
  20. Real time camera filters.
  21. Request verifications with ID upload.
  22. Apply filters to existing videos.
  23. Slo-mo and other video speed options.
  24. Privacy on video clips and comments.
  25. Save failed uploads in drafts.
  26. Start hashtag challenges from admin panel.
  27. Customizable about/support screen.
  28. Custom image (GIF/JPG/PNG) + link ads from admin panel.
  29. Banner/interstitial/native ads by Google AdMob.
  30. Promotional banners from admin panel.
  31. Store files on S3, DigitalOcean or Google Cloud.
  32. Admin panel has user, staff and admin roles.

Premium add-ons & customisations

In addition to above features, please contact if you want premium add-ons like duet or side-by-side recording, sending and redeeming in-app gifts, criteria based user levels e.g., Superstar etc., pornography detection and more advertising networks (Facebook, AdColony etc.). You can also reach us for customisation once you have purchased a license from CodeCanyon from

System requirements

  • Shared or VPS server (with root access recommended).
  • PHP 7.2 & MySQL 5.7 or higher.
  • No need to install FFmpeg on server.

Technology used

  • Laravel + Livewire
  • Latest Android SDK + MVVM
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging

What’s included?

  • The admin panel source code.
  • The Android app source code.
  • Installation guide as PDF.


If any of the buyer finds it hard to generate signing key hashes for Facebook or Google, you may use the FREE tool at for ease.

Need help?

Professional installation service can be opted for $100 extra. See what’s included.



Warning! Existing buyers must also add PURCHASE_CODE into their .env file on server for new update to activate as per

Simpler bottom bar [APP]
Payment modes on mobiles use arrays.xml [APP]
Language selection screen [APP + API]
Suggested to follow screen [APP + API + ADMIN]
Send stickers in chats and messages [API + APP]
Search songs [APP + API]
Record with sticker overlays [APP + ADMIN]
Control audio/video music intensity [APP]
Control duet while upload [APP + API]
Show character count limit in description [APP]
Fix for Facebook upload (apply faststart after watermark) [APP]
Check memory_limit, max_input_time and max_execution_time on install overview [ADMIN]
Delete draft [APP]
Block unblock button on profile page [APP]
Support for GIF on splash screen [APP]
Show clip count beside section [APP]
Set section automatically for hashtags [API]
Show song info on grid page [APP + ADMIN]
Notification on verification approved [API]
Fix duplication in news articles [API]


Fix JPG/JPEG validation. [ADMIN + API]


Fix video upload on slower connections. [APP]
Fix package name when sharing. [APP]
Rewrite README for cPanel/LAMP/LEMP install/update. [DOCUMENTATION]


Fix crash on wallet recharge in some cases. [APP]
Disallow negative gifts count. [APP]
Mention total as total credits. [APP]
Disable news optionally in config. [APP]
Make challenges carousel non-sticky. [APP]
Fix MediaView height in native ad. [APP]
Share with Play Store fallback link. [API + APP]
Show banner ad on search page. [ADMIN + APP]
Update dependencies. [ADMIN]


Show legal policies on about page. [APP]
Fix recording using song from phone. [APP]
Fix auto-dismiss on failed upload notification. [APP]
Search with or without @ and # prefix. [APP + API]
Dedicated search screen for users & hashtags [APP + API]
Fix random issues with randking algorithm. [API]
Ensure enabled user at most API calls. [API]
Fix AWS S3 configuration during install. [ADMIN]
Make InnoDB default storage engine. [ADMIN]


Special thanks to @Laird_walker for help with debugging.

Finalise in-app billing (alpha to release). [APP + API]
Fix threading issue with redemption action. [API]


Special thanks to @TopDog01 for reporting crash.

Fix crash when trying to record duet. [APP]
Minor refactoring in gifting API. [APP]


Special thanks to @ganeshkgp for reporting muted audio issue.

Attention! Please do not copy/paste your existing {config,strings}.xml when updating as new options are added. Instead, update values as desired in new file from old files.

Support GIFs in custom ads. [ADMIN + APP]
Block/unblock users from messaging. [API + APP]
Delete own/sent messages. [API + APP]
Show username/handle in watermark. [APP]
Anchor watermark to any corner. [APP]
Save failed uploads in drafts. [APP]
Preview song/music before recording. [APP]
Download/share videos asynchronously. [APP]
Hide speed/filter option in duet. [APP]
More deep-links to app screens. [APP]
Fix muted audio with existing video/phone music. [APP]


Introduce customisable about screen. [APP]
Show currency symbol when possible. [APP]
Fix inconsistency issues in wallet API. [API + APP]


Fix redemption; use simpler wallet transactions. [ADMIN + API]


Fix related to gift redemption. [API]


Urgent fix for OTP login. [APP]


Special thanks to @Laird_walker for insights on transcoding failures.

Attention! Please do not copy/paste your existing {config,strings}.xml when updating as new options are added. Instead, update values as desired in new file from old files.

Implement sending/redeeming gifts. [APP]
Implement Facebook, AdColony & MoPub ad networks. [APP]
Implement custom image-link ads. [APP]
Manage hashtag challenges on discover page. [APP]
Track and display user level in profile. [APP]
Improve encoding/playback performance. [APP]
Prevent state-loss in player. [APP]
Optionally hide mentions/tags from player bottom. [APP]
Login users on invalid session. [APP]
Implement payments from Play Store in-app billing (alpha). [ADMIN]
Implement payments from Instamojo, Razorpay, PayPal & Stripe. [ADMIN]
Set news language in admin panel. [ADMIN]
More options and instructions in web-installer. [ADMIN]
Fix Google login for accounts with no picture. [API]
Exclude admin & staff accounts from search. [API]


Quick fix for Instagram & Twitter sharing. [APP]


Special thanks to @rocky619, @ganeshkgp, @hoorulainkhatri and @abdullah786 for reporting issues and cooperation.

Attention! Please do not copy/paste your existing {config,strings}.xml when updating as new options are added. Instead, update values as desired in new file from old files.

Implement navigation component. [APP]
Change screens with slide animation. [APP]
Make bottom bar always visible. [APP]
Capture in-app rating & reviews. [APP]
Support in-app, automatic updates. [APP]
Share dynamic short links. [APP]
Social, direct sharing sheet. [APP]
Immersive playback mode. [APP]
Fix swipe-to-refresh player bug. [APP]
Fix auto crop on non 16:9/9:16 videos. [APP]
Fix recording when using video speed. [APP]
Fix release builds on newer Android Studio. [APP]


Fix crash when returning from OTP. [APP]
Fix play button inivisible on pause. [APP]
Fix double scroll on auto scroll. [APP]
Turn voice recording on/off during recording. [APP]
Speed up watermark & filter workers. [APP]
Save to gallery option in player. [APP]
Fix tokens table migrations issue. [ADMIN]
Fix SightEngine integration. [ADMIN]
Raise default upload limits. [ADMIN]
Show error message (if any) for uploads. [ADMIN]


Fix crash on high-DPI screens. [APP]


Attention! Please do not copy/paste your existing config.xml when updating as new options are added. Instead, update values as desired in new file from old file.

TikTok like music disc animation. [APP]
Better player swipe experience. [APP]
Open social links in installed apps (if present). [APP]
Optionally enable auto-scroll on video end. [APP]
Interstitial ads after reading "n" articles. [APP]
Native ads in article feed. [APP]
Accept username/URLs (both) for social links. [ADMIN]


Fix login issues with administrator email. [ADMIN]
Optionally open links in external browser. [APP]


Fix incorrect log configuration when using web-installer. [ADMIN]
Fix error when opening profile of a user with no links. [ADMIN]


Attention! Please do not copy/paste your existing config.xml when updating as new options are added. Instead, update values as desired in new file from old file.

Fix crash when using alternative article layout. [APP]
Double tap to like on video. [APP]
Like animation similar to Instagram. [APP]
Optional haptic (vibration) feedback on like. [APP]
Show ad banner on login sheet. [APP]
Show ad banner on video grid (hashtag etc.). [APP]
Pinch to zoom during recording. [APP]
Click on mentions/hashtag/URL from description, comments, messages and bio. [APP]
Show native/interstitial/both ads between video. [APP]
Insert and display social links on profile. [APP]
Disable APP_DEBUG when using installer. [ADMIN]
Help text about fields on installer. [ADMIN]
Display social links on user page. [ADMIN]
Filters to refine data in tables. [ADMIN]


Special thanks to @abdullah786 for notifying.

Prevent video dub without login. [APP]


Special thanks to @mikhailalexander for reporting missing policy links.

Insert links to legal polices in login sheet. [APP]
Be able to record duet videos. [APP]
Make play/pause overlay smaller and centered. [APP]
Send duration to server in seconds, not millis. [APP]
Fix video not visible when viewing in browser. [APP]
Include an alternative (timeline like) news article layout. [APP]
Include an alternative profile layout with centered photo. [APP]
Revert to showing duration as-is for consistency. [ADMIN]


Disable telescope on default install. [ADMIN]
Be able to provide AWS region during install. [ADMIN]


Update customisation instructions. [DOCUMENTATION]
Rename the watermark image file. [APP]


Special thanks to @jawaharyadav for helping reproduce.

Fix automatically increasing likes (UI only). [APP]


Special thanks to @pimpi for helping with needed logs.

Fix filter screen lifecycle issues. [APP]
Fix upload failure on some phones. [APP]


Special thanks to @mikhailalexander for preload related suggestions.

See preview before final upload. [APP]
Use first frame for screenshot. [APP]
Better video swipe experience. [APP]
Restyling for easier customisation. [APP]
Fix random issue on re-launch. [APP]
Request profile verification. [APP]
Show clips by hashtag, song or section. [APP]
Fix follow/unfollow status in player. [APP]
Fix duration in clip details. [ADMIN]
Customise display order for article/clip/song sections. [ADMIN]
Manage verification requests. [ADMIN]
Show loading indicator & file name in uploads. [ADMIN]


Create quick, web installer. [ADMIN]
Speed up dashboard aggregation. [ADMIN]
Show only user video when viewed from profile. [APP]
Prompt login on follow from home. [APP]
Speed up video merge. [APP]
Fix crash on last video. [APP]
Better player and recorder layout. [APP]


Skip transcoding before trim. [APP]


Special thanks to @mustang_77 for testing along.

Cleanup older temp files. [APP]
Use existing song from phone storage. [APP]
Optionally preload next video. [APP]
Skip extra fetch before playback. [APP]
Fix sound overlap on slow scroll. [APP]
Skip transcoding when MP4 input. [APP]
Use newer transcoder for trimming. [APP]
Fix line-break in player tabs. [APP]
Fix Firebase token update. [ADMIN]


Show views on player screen. [APP]
Zoom profile photo on click. [APP]
Following & for you tabs. [APP]
Fix and speed up sharing option. [APP]
Got rid of sound overlap. [APP]
Optionally support synchronous uploads. [APP]
Follow user from player screen. [APP]
Fix local video cache for speed. [APP]
Implement alternative transcoder for better compatibility. [APP]


Show login method alongside user. [ADMIN]
Fix user update bug. [ADMIN]


Fix recording issues on few phones. [APP]
Fix sound overlap. [APP]


Implement caching & improve speed.
Better video trimming implementation.
Use GPU for applying filter.
Optimize final video resolution.


Introduce support for HTTP/2.


Fix login with Google.
Integrate SMS/OTP login with Firebase.
Support Google Cloud Storage for uploads.
Implement clips approval/disapproval.


Initial release on Envato.