The Good Corner – iOS – Swift :

• An architecture that respects the principle of single responsibility
• Creation of interfaces with autolayout directly in the code (no storyboard or xib, or SwiftUI)
• Swift developement
• Aucune librairie externe n’est autorisée
• The project compatible for iOS 11+

• Unit tests
• UI programmatically
• Application performance
• Code swifty
• List of items :
– Each item must include at least one image, one category, one title and one price. An indicator should also warn if the item is urgent.

• filter :
– A filter available to display only the items of a category.

• Sort :
Items should be sorted by date.
Be careful though, announcements marked as urgent will have to go to the top of the list.

• Details page:
When tapping on an item, a detailed view should be displayed with all the information