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Audit Triggers Generator for MySQL is a Windows desktop application that generates audit tables and audit triggers for MySQL database without writing script manually. The purpose of this application is to make software development easy. It creates audit tables (one per table) and three (insert, update and delete) triggers per table. The triggers insert data in the relevant audit table when data is inserted/updated/deleted in a table. The purpose of these triggers/audit tables is to create database logs (keep history of records as they are added/updated/deleted).

All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (without source).
All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (with source code).

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  • It supports MySQL database.
  • It creates audit tables (one per table).
  • It creates three (insert, update and delete) audit triggers (per table).
  • Audit table keeps history of the inserted/updated/deleted records.
  • You can choose which tables to audit.
  • You can choose which triggers to generate (insert, update, delete or all).
  • Replication of foreign keys.
  • Primary key is automatically detected for each table.
  • Composite primary key is supported.
  • Nullable columns have been handled.
  • Completely indented code is generated.
  • Source code has also been provided.

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