NewsTime is a complete news app with WordPress is a data source which is developed on the Flutter framework developed by Google. It works on Android, iOS and Web. It has all common and special features that a typic news app has. NewsTime provides a ton of highly specialized features. While also boosting great stability combined with good architecture by employing BLoC.

What you will get

  • Source code of the complete news app for both iOS, Android & Web.
  • Source code of the notification api.
  • Step by Step Documentation to set up the app & the api.
  • Future updates for free.

Why should you buy this app

  • Modern designed smooth functioning app.
  • Runs on 3 platforms (iOS, Android, Web) with one source code.
  • Super easy to setup when you already have a WordPress website.
  • Advanced comments with nested comments and images.
  • Social login with Apple, Facebook and Google sign-in.
  • Account bookmarking support, cross platform.


  • Modern and elegant user interfaces.
  • Beautiful shimmer loading.
  • SignIn with Google, Facebook & Apple (which is required to publish for iOS)
  • Category based news
  • Advanced comment support, with support for nested comments and images.
  • Realtime push notification for user interactions on the comments section.
  • Bookmark feature.
  • Interactive Push Notifications with Firebase Messaging.
  • Full Html support for description, including audio and images.
  • State Management: BLoC.
  • Backend: WordPress and Firebase Firestore.
  • Complete App

This app is ready for production use, and really easy to get setup. For a basic setup only changes in the app config file are required and basic knowledge about publishing a app.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at