Newzy is the worldwide fingertip news application where one can access all the information across the world. It provides with the productive information happening around you and it almost covers it from each part of the world. One of the finest platforms to grab the news from as it is one of the relevant platforms out of all.

Features of the Newzy.

  • News is divided according to categories. 
  • Not only news, but a weather report of your current location is also provided. 
  • Search box available to search specific categories in the news. 
  • Select the category of what news you want to be displayed. 
  • Save or add news in the favorite category to read or display later. 

Finding the best news events happening around that are genuine helps in improving the knowledge of the global aspects in the form of news and more. Not only it has the best features but it is highly made from high build technology platforms with neat and clean codes embedded in them. The front-end is made on the Flutter framework and the backend is on the WordPress platform to upload the content of the application. The best UI/UX gives the best touch to the application to look productive and yet innovative.