Noted – Keep Notes App with Clean & Minimal UI

Noted is a full native android notes app with a clean & minimal UI and smart UX.

Noted is inspired by the Mint Platform.

Noted demo Drive Link

Noted Features:

  • Google AdMob Native & Rewarded ads.
  • Dark Mode to reduce glare.
  • Latest Android Studio & SDK.
  • Save notes into Categories.
  • Support for reminders, notifications.
  • Archive notes with Archive Feature.
  • Notes deleted will be moved to Trash.
  • +10 Creative note themes.
  • Lock notes with password (SOON).
  • Minimal & Clean UI.
  • Search notes & Voice search.
  • Attach links and images.
  • Rate Us feature.
  • Share notes with contacts, friends and social accounts.
  • Detailed DOC. (Following Mint DOC Guidelines).


Noted v.1.3, v.1.4 – 2020-02-01

# Added Features

- Sort notes feature added.
- Add note shortcut added to the application.
- Add widgets automatically supported.
- Support attach images using the camera.
- Confirm removing images added.
- View image in fullscreen added.
- Save note when clicking back or exit.
- Open archived notes feature is added.
- Support text break in note description.
- Multi-Select notes feature added.

# Changes

- Attach image changed to the bottom sheet.
- Reminder notification icon changed.

# Fixes

- App crash on Android 6.0 when creating notes fixed.
- Adding a reminder to all notes issue fixed.

# Under Development

- Delete multi-selected notes.

Noted v.1.2 – 2020-12-29

# Added Features

- Support for reminders with notifications.

# Fixes

- Widget preview image issue fixed.

Noted v.1.1 – 2020-12-28

# Added Features

- Widgets are now supported.
- Empathize the first letter of sentence on notes.

# Fixes

- Status bar background colour issue fixed.
- Search bar multi-line issue fixed.

Noted v.1.0 – 2020-12-23

- Initial Release