This program was specially developed for animal welfare organizations in order to clearly save data on the animal pangolin and to collaborate with various doctors.

Following features are included:
-Offline / Online Synchronization
-Report generation for Pangolins (as Excel-File)
-User managment
-Team collaboration
-Pangolin data managment

Requirements are:
-You need at least windows 7
-To synchronize your data you need a MySQL Server

How to setup?
1. No MySQL-Server initialized:
-Set up your MySQL Server (you can use the program XAMPP for instance)
-Start the application and click in the left corner on “settings”
-Set the Host (can be a domain or ip) and the port (default 3306 of MySQL) of your MySQL Server
-Open initialize database menu
-Enter a admin username and the password of your MySQL-Server
-Click on initalize Database
-Now you can log in with the default user “Admin” with password “admin”
-Change Admin-Password in Admin Panel
-Make sure to check “synchronize” if you log in the first time

2. MySQL-Server initialized:
-Click on the settings “left corner”
-Set up host and port (default 3306)
-Then you can log in with your credentials
-Make sure to check “synchronize” if you log in the first time

You can contact me any time if you need help with setup.