What is Table Partitioning?
Partitioning enables large tables to be subdivided into smaller manageable pieces and each small piece is called a “partition”. The data in partitioned tables and indexes is horizontally divided into units that can be spread across more than one file/filegroup in a database.

What Does This Project Do?
In short, there are complete procedures here that partition large tables containing columns with datetime data type on a monthly basis (one or more months dynamically), just specify some basic information. And the procedures manage everything. No third party software was created and only the sql server agent service was used to repartition the new incoming data in the partitioned tables and take partial database backup.

There are limitations due to the use of some system functions or special operations, so you must meet the following conditions before implementation:
• SQL Server 2017 (14.x) and later.
• ALTER ANY DATASPACE permission, this is required to create files and filegroups.
• There must be a field in the table with the type of datetime.