phpWallet Mobile App

phpWallet Mobile App is a simple mobile application for sending money quickly between your friends and family. It is the ANDROID version of phpWallet – e-wallet and online payment gateway system.

Note: You cannot run this as a stand alone application; you need to purchase phpWallet – e-wallet and online payment gateway system. for this mobile application to work.


App Login Credentials:

username :
password : 123456

Download the Android Apk file Click here

demo qrCode to Scan and Pay


Instant Telegram support


Product and Service Catalogue

Users can create a catalogue of products in their accounts and then print a QrCode to allow interested users to scan and pay for the product / service

Send Money to Friends and Family

User now easily transfer money to anyone via phpWallet Mobile App. Send money quickly to friends by simply using email.

Transactions log

Records about user acivity are saived in the App. Details of all trnsactions are here. You can view Deposits, Payments and Withdraws record also.

Code well organized

Each App screen has its own folder that contains all the files involved in the screen functionality.

Admin dashboard

This mobile App uses phpWallet script admin dashboard.

WhatsApp Businness Support

WhatsApp is the leading Messaging platform, use it to offer support for you wallet users. and also you can use your App’s WhatsApp Bussiness account promote discounts from your clients Services / Products