PicoQR is a simple & powerful restaurant menu maker application. It’s very secure , well documented, fast & user friendly. This Application contains restaurant, order,billing, plan management and much more.

It will reduce your pain of receiving order from customer as well as cost & time. Waiting for waiters is painful for customers. By using PicoQR customer can just scan QR Code (which may be placed on your table) and make order instantly. You can track and manage customer orders and your customer can track as well.

You can use it as a SaaS Application.

For technical support please sent email to support@picotech.com.bd

If you want to download QR code then you must install IMAGICK extension. You can find the extension here: https://windows.php.net/downloads/pecl/releases/imagick/3.4.4/

Payment Gateway support:

PicoQR - A Simple Restaurant Menu Maker - 1PicoQR - A Simple Restaurant Menu Maker - 2

PicoQR - A Simple Restaurant Menu Maker - 3

Features list:

  • Restaurant Manage
  • Order Manage
  • Item Manage
  • Category Manage
  • QR Code Manage
  • Billings
  • Table Manage
  • General Settings
  • Popular Payment Gateway
  • Email Template
  • Email setup
  • Profile Manage
  • Dynamic User plan
  • Notifications
  • Email Verifications
  • Permision management
  • Custom site setting
  • Password recovery through forget password
  • Customer order tracking
  • Customer instant order
  • Guest checkout
  • and much more …


Admin Login: https://qr.picotech.app/login
Email: admin@demo.com
Password: 123456

Restaurant Login: https://qr.picotech.app/login
User Name: restaurant@demo.com
Password: 123456

Customer Login: https://qr.picotech.app/login
User Name: customer@demo.com
Password: 123456

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