Out of box social media application. The application provides you Instagram like features such as post creation (single photo or carousel photos up to 16 photos), post like, history of comments, comment likes, user profile view and update, user following, notifications via e-mail and push notifications, history of posts (your posts and posts who created by users you follow). The application has 20 screens and more than 30 API endpoints.


Account management — Users can create account, login, logout, password reset and activation

Timeline — Your posts and the following users posts are listed on Timeline page so users can navigate, like, comment on these posts.

Search — Search is based on keyword matching that shows results in milliseconds. Users can search and navigate to other users profile.

Share — Users can share single photo or multiple photos as carousel up to 16 photos with a caption.

Comment — Users can add comments or like existing comments of posts.

Activity — Follower requests, post likes and user follows are listed historically. Users can accept following requests on this page.

Profile — Users can see and update their profiles or other users profiles.

Follow — Users can follow each others, private accounts need to be asked for following aka following request.

What do you need?

  • Android SDK or XCode to test application.
  • Flutter
  • Docker
  • Firebase account
  • iOS and/or Android device or simulator to test application.

What will you get?

  • Dart source code
  • Laravel source code (PHP)
  • Design source (.ai file)
  • PDF or Markdown formatted full documentation