Are you going to increase the number of your instagram followers? One of the methods for having more followers, is to ask your followers to tag people they know; so you will be seen by other people. You can consider a gift for the followers who tag the most people. Pony instagram follow and tag checker recognizes the winners of tagging matches and number of accepted tags of matches with these attributes:

– If someone tag several names or people in one comment, just the first one will be accepted.
– If someone tag one name or person two or several times in one or more than one comment, just one of them will be accepted.
– If for example two people tag one name or person, both of them will be accepted.
– The competition organizer page itself can tag names and people too and will be accepted.
– All taggers must follow the page for winning in any match.
– The calculations will be done after the match.
– Note: people “can” tag names those have no account. So maybe someone tag names by random if they know. If a software checks that the tagged names have accounts or not, it may take a lot of time.

Required host:

Operating system: Windows server
Database: SQL Server 2012 or above
Dot Net Framework 4.5.2 or above
Must support C# language and ASP.NET MVC Technology.
Amount of empty space: It can be 100MB or more.