About App:

Pill4Today – Pill Reminder iOS App is a very useful application for anyone who need to take medicines/pills regularly. In our busy life, on many occasions we forget to take our pills on time suggested by our doctor. In some cases, people forget to take pills for a whole day due to busy schedule or work, and by doing so they may face side effects of that. People who takes pills daily regarding Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Lung and Kidney Diseases, their doctors instruct them to take their medications on time everyday without missing any single pill. Pill4Today app is for them so they never miss a single pill any day. You need to take the pill at around the same time every day.

Pill4Today is an Offline application, a very simple design where you just have to enter your pill name, it’s time when you take it, and dosage. That’s it!!
To make it simple and user friendly, we added time slot (Morning, AfterNoon, Evening) in app, so that you can easily enter & identify the pill time. Application will remind you by sending push notification on your iPhone device, when it’s time to take pill. Push Notification shows your pill name which you have to take.

App Features:

  • Swift 5.0 Source Code (XCode 11.2).
  • Offline App (No internet needed.)
  • iOS 13.0+ support.
  • Integrated Local Push Notification.
  • Layout designs managed by NSLayoutConstraint.
  • Clear All Notifications option.
  • iPhone Device Compatibility.
  • Managed only in 2 UI Screens.
  • What You Get:

  • Full iOS Source Code.
  • Image Assets.
  • Youtube Video Demonstration.

  • DEMO