Pix Arcade is a simple yet addictive game!
The objective is very simple, see how far you can go without dying.

✔ Easy and fun gameplay.
✔ Super light game!
✔ Pixel Art Retro graphics.
✔ Challenging.

[ How to play ]

– Touch the arrows to the sides to move on the platform.
– Touch the down arrow and destroy the block where the hero is standing.
– Watch out for the spikes and monsters scattered on the map.
– Use the J key to attack the enemy, after 3 attacks the next time the player presses the J key a shield is created.
– Calculate each movement to avoid getting stuck.


– HTML5 game Compatible With All Browsers
– AdMob Ads Supported in Construct 3 (NOT INCLUDED on source-code)
– Including Construct 3 file (.c3p and all the source)
– Easy to Reskin / Easy way to add / replace images
– Documentation

What you get:

  • Documentation
  • Construct3 Source (.C3P)

Available for freelance work

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If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking me. antonelloandy@gmail.com
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