Redis Cache Infrastructure for Scalable Backend in .NET Core 3.0

This project is built in .net core which contains full API solution example that uses infrastructure implementation for caching of data on Redis on-premise server or on the cloud for scalable and large-scale enterprise solutions.

This redis cache infrastructure supports plug-and-play with any .net project to achieve the best performance out of the software application.

In addition to caching infra, this project also serves as a simplified starter template that contains layers, abstraction, dependency injection and swagger documentation.

For more info or any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me


  1. Full source code is included. Technology includes ASP.Net Core, C#,
    WebAPI, Entity Framework Core Code-First, SQL Server.
  2. Redis Cache Infrastructure Implementation.
  3. Support Caching of JSON Objects and Lists.
  4. Handling Connection Failure to Redis.
  5. Management of Redis Keys and Expirations.
  6. Full example of CRUD Operations APIs Using Redis Cache.
  7. Save to Redis.
  8. Retrieve from Redis.
  9. Redis Lazy Loading Approach.
  10. General, Reusable and Automatic Approach of Updating Redis Cache From Database with Missed Data Using Generics and Delegates Mechanisms.
  11. Entity Framework Core & DB Migrations.
  12. Simplified N-Tier Architecture: APIs, Services & Repositories (DAL).
  13. Uses abstraction for the communication between the layers in the code.
  14. Dependency Injection.
  15. Following async programming methodology: implements async await for all
  16. Uses Swagger for API documentation.



  1. Open the solution using Visual Studio 2019.
  2. Open package manager console: Tools -> NuGet Package Manager ->
    Package Manager Console.
  3. Run command: Update-Database to create the database (please don’t
    forget to change the connection string in appsettings.json).
  4. Run the solution. Swagger APIs documentation page will be shown.