What’s Laravel Server Monitor?

This Laravel application can be used to add multiple servers to monitor the status of them. You just have to add server address and port, and the app will ping the server in each 1 minute. If any server goes down, a mail will be send. Also average response time is displayed in the dashboard.
Also the current server status will be displayed on the dashboard and the dashboard will be refreshed in each minutes, and you will see if any server goes down from the dashboard too.

Demo Details

Demo URL: https://demo.modulespanel.com/login
username: modulespanel@gmail.com
password: C00!lA5123

Main Features

Single dashboard to monitor number of server.

From a single dashboard you will get status of all of your servers.
If any of the server goes down, dashboard will change status color of that server to red.
If server is running well, status color will be green.

Server Down Email

When ever a server goes down, you will get a mail.

Server back online mail

When the server’s status changed back to up state, we will get another mail with the text that,
the server is back online.

Detailed installation step of the Laravel app will be provided along with the code.
You can use the file installation.pdf or installation.doc to do the installation.