ABOUT Sticky Ticket Support System

Sticky Support Ticket System is a self-hosted Support Ticketing and Knowledge base System with a very clean and simple user interface that will help you to manage your customers’ support tickets and your online knowledge base in an efficient way. if they don’t get any result they can submit new Tickets or Bug Reports and keep in touch with you or your Agents. Also, when the support is done and a ticket is closed and give it priority.


Try Before You Buy

Customer Account: http://sticky.thetechgroup.co.in
Email: customer@test.com
Password: 123

Agent Account: http://sticky.thetechgroup.co.in
Email: agent@test.com
Password: 123

Agent Account: http://sticky.thetechgroup.co.in
Email: admin@test.com
Password: 123



  • Tickets Management
  • Professional Design
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Customers and Employees Management
  • Categories Management
  • Knowledge base friendly URLs
  • Receive Email notifications on each new Ticket or Ticket reply
  • Auto assign Tickets to available agents
  • Manage Saved replies to quickly answer common tickets
  • Easy Installation and update
  • High Performance
  • Totally secured system (SQL injection)


  1. Sqlserver 2012 OR above
  2. .Net framework 4.5.1 OR above
  3. Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
  4. Read documentation carefully to guide you how to install application.