TakTak is a beautiful, social Android app which allows tou to build your very own short video sharing platform like TikTok, Musical.ly or Dubsmash quickly. The app is full of features to create interesting videos using songs, filters etc. and comes with an intuitive, fast backend for the administrator to manage published content.

The backend or admin is blazing fast is build on top of Facebook’s popular React.js framework. Every aspect of the app is easily customisable, follows recommended coding style and is completely open-source for you to develop upon and extend as required.

NEW FEATURE! There is now a news section at home screen where user can find news related to any topic added from server. The best thing is you need not to update news articles manually, instead it is automatically fulfilled and always kept updated.


APK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZBrjjN_yI5yfLvtr1JwDuRADx-j9P01r/view?usp=sharing
URL: https://taktak.syncloudsoft.com/admin/
Username: admin
Password: 12345

Note: The demo server resets every hour so you may need to login again after the timer tick has hit.


  1. Watch videos & read news.
  2. Like and comment on videos.
  3. Follow, unfollow creators.
  4. Real time in-app messaging.
  5. Real time push notifications.
  6. Download and share videos.
  7. Record or upload from gallery.
  8. Choose or use song from video.
  9. Start/stop recording with timer.
  10. Apply various real-time filters.
  11. Video & comments privacy.
  12. Google AdMob integration.


  • Shared or cloud (recommended) hosting.
  • PHP 7.2 & MySQL 5.7 or higher.
  • No need of FFmpeg library.


For instructions on how to setup and use, please visit https://help.syncloudsoft.com/.

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1.0 – 15/09/2020

  • First public release.