Game Description:

Teen Patti, sometimes spelled Teen Pathi, means “three cards”. It is an Indian gambling game, also known as Flush. An international 52 card pack is used, cards ranking in the usual order from ace (high) down to two (low). Any reasonable number of players can take part; it is probably best for about 2 to 8 players.



APK Demo


Demo Admin Panel:



  • Real Cash Game
  • Unity3d (Front end)
  • Node.js (Backend Server)
  • (Connect between unity and node.js)
  • Limited and Unlimited tables
  • Maximum 8 player and minimum 2 player
  • Phone Verification (updating soon)
  • Change Phone Number
  • Admin take 5% commission if player win
  • If you refer friends, you will receive 5% of cash when he is first deposit
  • Withdraw cash
  • 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 player game tables
  • Create Multiple Lobbies via admin panel
  • Stand By Option
  • Waiting Room
  • Text Message to other player in a room
  • Choose seat position
  • Multiple Themes
  • Player Management (add player, delete player, update player, update player chips)
  • Payment Methods (Razorpay for UPI, Debit & Credit cards, NetBanking)


You will receive code when you purchase:

  • Unity3d code
  • Node.js code
  • Laravel Admin Panel


Maintenance (Server & Database):

  • Linux based cPanel
  • Node.js enabled server, choose any one of  AWS, Heroku, a2hosting.


Development Tools:

  • Unity3d
  • Node.JS (Javascript)
  • Socket.IO